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Application Programming Interface (API)



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API Update: All API servers functioning normally.

Gutenberg eBook API
Free eBook data is sourced from the gutenberg project

A sample call is as follows

This returns JSON in the following format:

[ {"id":"25854","text":"The Letters of Charles Dickens, by Charles Dickens 25854"}]

Where id refers to an the path within the gutenberg website:

  • HTML -
  • EPub With Images -
  • EPub Without Images -
  • Kindle (with images) -
  • Kindle (no images) -
  • Plucker -
  • QiOO Mobile -
  • Plain Text UTF-8 -


Uploaded ebook data

To access an uploaded ebook, call

where 12345 is the upload reference, this returns JSON containing links to the ebook in HTML format, which must be prefixed with